Why PartnerSimple

PartnerSimple.com is simply the easiest, fastest, and most cost-effective way you and your start-up or small business team can learn more about each other before doing the deal.

Let’s face it! Start-ups require a huge amount of energy, money, and cooperation with your team of founders or key employees. But deals happen quickly, so taking the time to learn whether your partners are really good for your business has been something that happened after your money and passion was already tied up in the new venture.

Who is on your team
So, we asked, what if…?  What if

  • there was a way to quickly learn more about your team than ever before,
  • delivered through the web
  • right to each of you wherever you are in the world?

Then we set out to create it! The result is PartnerSimple.com.

PartnerSimple helps teams go from “this is a great idea for a business” to actual insight into

  • how team members communicate,
  • how they function under pressure, and
  • what they really care about

–all in about 30 minutes. Sign-up now for free access to our Basic Shared Values report and Members Forum! See? Simple.

You should also check out our F.A.Q. for more information.