Who Should Join

PartnerSimple.com is the solution for business team building whether you already know the person with whom you wish to partner, are looking for a new partner, or are an investor who just wants to be sure your team will work well together down the road.

For-profit and non-profit business founders, managers, boards of directors, social or civic clubs, or key employees all can benefit from using our simple, quick, and affordable tools in building and maintaining highly-functional, happy teams.

Credit to FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Credit to FreeDigitalPhotos.net

  • Businesses with a team in mind–If you already have a team you would like to work with and just want to start you communication on the right note or learn how to work well together going forward, simply sign up for a free Basic Membership to compare your Basic Work Values or go straight to a monthly Premium Membership to compare both Values and behavior, then cancel after you have obtained your reports.
  • Forming a team or looking for a new addition to your existing team? Fantastic! We recommend either the free Basic Membership or one of the longer-term Premium Memberships such as the quarterly or semi-annual subscriptions that will allow you time to get to know potential partners you meet through our forum and review team reports with each candidate before selecting your best fit.
  • Investors or teams seeking investment–This program also works well for teams who have located investors or investors who want to review their team’s dynamics before committing to the deal. Investors who are working on several deals may prefer taking a longer-term Premium Membership.

So regardless of your plans, if you are building a team or just want to get to know the one you have a little better, PartnerSimple.com!

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