How It Works

The program was developed to help entrepreneurs, small business people, and investors learn more about their team than they ever thought possible.

To do that, our program leverages technologies once available only to large corporations to help our members take the guesswork out of forming key business teams.

If your team is not yet complete, each free Basic Member also receives exclusive access to our Members Forum where you can meet potential partners and compare your respective results before deciding whether your new potential partner should become a new actual member of your team.

How to PartnerSimple

The process–

  1. Select “Join Us” from the menu above to begin your free Basic Membership and then log-in.  Select “More About You” from the “Your Next Step” menu to complete your Member Profile.This step takes about 5 minutes.
  2. Go to “Your Next Step” and select “Take Basic Values Assessments” to obtain valuable insights about what each of you really cares about. This step takes about 5 minutes to complete.
  3. Your Basic Shared Values Assessment Report is available immediately after you enter the Member IDs of each member of the team you wish to review. Simple click the “Review Results” button in the “Your Next Step” menu. (There is no individual values report.)
  4. You may upgrade your free Basic Membership to a paid Premium Membershp at any time. In addition to all of the benefits of a Basic Membership, Premium Members also score access to our Behavioral Assessment including our exclusive, self-evaluating Individual Behavioral Assessment Report and Team Behavioral Assessment Reports. Premium Members are also included in a Premium Directory which can be sorted to find other Premium Members by location, desired role, and even personality type.

So join now and get your business partnership started off the right way, right away!

You should also check out our F.A.Q. for more information.