1. Why did you start PartnerSimple.com?
    ParterSimple.com was founded to solve a fundamental problem with the way most businesses form: a lack of familiarity and insight into team compatibility.

    Until now, almost every business start-up was founded with shared passion for a great idea–and little else. In the social context, this would be like two people meeting in a bar, professing a mutual desire to have children and a white picket fence, then immediately running off to get married.

    But the speed at which business deals move doesn’t typically permit founding partners or key teams to “date” for very long before committing to a deal. Notably absent in this process of team-building has been widely-accepted, affordable means of quickly gaining insight into how the team would react to the stresses of start-up.We believe that the absence of such insight has been one important reason for the failure of countless start-up businesses and the loss of incalculable financial and emotional investment.

    Nonetheless, no other service has attempted to provide affordable, self-evaluating assessments to the founders and key team members of start-up and small businesses, until now.

    With PartnerSimple.com, we have taken tools already used for decades in large corporations and have brought them within reach of start-ups, non-profit boards, social and school clubs, and anyone else who can benefit from insight into how their team will function as a unit. Consider it B2B pre-marital counseling.

    Learn more. Read a message from our founder at Backstory.

  2. What’s the point of even knowing this much about my team?
    Just as in a marriage, trust and support among business founders can mean everything to the success and longevity of the deal. Knowing how your team will perform under stress, how to communicate most effectively with one another, and what each team member most values is not merely predictive of the success of your collaboration.

    Indeed, the tools provided here can help your team identify areas of potential interpersonal stress and conflict before they occur. This information can mean the difference between properly managing situations arising from interpersonal conflict and a complete breakdown of the team’s relationship and thus the deal.

    And your teams’ better understanding of one another will not merely defend it against misunderstanding but can actually create success as you each learn not only to appreciate your similarities but to respect the strength of your differences.

  3. Why do you only offer a DISC assessment to compare team behaviors?
    The DISC assessment we offer with our Premium Membership evaluates two kinds of behaviors–your natural style and your learned or “adjusted” behavior style. While most people may know you by your adjusted style, when stress occurs most people revert to their most natural style because it’s usually easier for them to be that way.

    We help you understand the natural style of you and your team. By understanding your natural style, you are provided a better glimpse of how your team will perform when confronted with the inevitable pressures of starting and running your own business. That’s information everyone should have going into the deal, rather than find out how everyone will operate only once the pressure’s on.

  4. What if my partners and I don’t have the same behavior style? Does that mean we aren’t a good “fit” for this team?
    Quite the contrary!  Having diversity of natural behavior styles on your team can be a very good thing, especially when you have enough shared values to provide commonality of goals and ideals.Think of it as though your team were the proverbial stool. As we all know, a one-legged stool is unlikely to perform its proper function of providing support as well as a two- or three-legged stool.  So too are your team members’ natural behavior styles.

    Having people on your team who’s natural strengths complement one another’s weaknesses may well improve the overall stability and adaptability of your team. Such stability can help the business better weather difficult situations, as your team will always have at least one member who is naturally adept at solving whatever problem the team confronts.

    The key to successful partnering with a diverse team is each member learning to respect one another’s differences and encouraging each team member to step up when it is time to play to his or her strengths.

  5. So, are you saying my team’s strong similarities may be a problem?
    Perhaps. You see, the old adage about birds of a feather flocking together is true of us as well! People tend to hang out with others like them because similarity often feels really comfortable.

    This tendency of business founders to surround themselves with like-minded people may be problematic, however, when events occur in the business that are contrary to the behavior style of the entire team. When such events occur, the entire like-minded team may avoid the situation rather than handle it effectively, whereas on a more diverse team, there may be someone more naturally capable of effectively handling that event.

    We would never recommend that you avoid doing a deal because your team leans toward the same personality style. Rather, our reports may suggest that you next recruit strong leaders with other styles to complement those of the founders, even if your next recruits are in a non-ownership role.

  6. What can the reports tell us about our suitability for our respective company roles?
    Another important thing the PartnerSimple.com Basic Team Values and Premium Team Behavioral results can reveal whether a particular person may have natural styles which are incompatible with his or her proposed role.

    For example, you may not want a high-risk-taker who values creative expression in his work to fill the role of CFO. Likewise, you might seek to avoid relying on someone who is completely risk-averse to perform well in a high-pressure sales role.

  7. Our business is not a start-up. Can we still benefit from PartnerSimple.com?
    We believe almost any business team can benefit from improved understanding of one another and an opportunity to learn better ways of communicating. If you agree, our affordable subscriptions make it easy to try.

    And if you are an established team looking to add a member, key employee, an investor, or director, our tools can help you gain some insight into how your next addition will complement the natural behavior of your existing team. We even provide a forum where you can post solicitations for new team members or investors in your business or project at no additional cost.

    Likewise, investors may find PartnerSimple.com tools helpful in evaluating how well the business team you are considering staking will continue to work together over the course of your deal.